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Non-Dimensionalization Conventions

All physical parameters used are non-dimensionalized internally in the code in order to work in a reference Earth of radius 1. In Table 1.1 in the right column are the values by which we divide the parameters of the left column internally to perform the calculations. The values output and saved by the code (seismograms, sensitivity kernels...) are then scaled back to the right physical dimensions before being saved.

quantity (units) divided internally by
distance (m) R_EARTH
time (s) $1/\sqrt{\texttt{PI}\times\texttt{GRAV}\times\texttt{RHOAV}}$
density (kg/m$^{3}$) RHOAV

Non-dimensionalization convention employed internally by the code. The constants R_EARTH (the radius of the Earth), PI (the number $\pi$), GRAV (the universal gravitational constant), and RHOAV (the Earth’s average density) are defined in the constants.h file.

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